Austin Gray - BajoDog Great Dane!
About Austin Gray - Bigdog BajoDog:

Austin Gray is the BajoDog
Austin Gray - The BajoDog @ 6 weeks old

Austin Gray the BajoDog was born on June 1, 2007. He came home with me at 8 wks and at that time
he was an ugly gray 30lb eating, chewing, pooping and sleeping machine Great Dane.

Austin Gray the Great Dane - Lion Dog
Austin Gray the Great Dane is the Lion Dog @ 225 lbs and 3 1/2 years old, He is one big boy!

Austin Gray is the Christmas Dog
Austin Gray - The Christmas Dog


Austin Gray - The Beaver Fan and Duck Eating dog!

Great Danes Duck Eating Dog!

Austin Gray the OSU Bigdog Great Dane Duck Stomping Dog!

This is Austin watching the Beavers getting beat in the Civil War Game by the Oregon Ducks.  He is really hard to live with when his team loses.  Losing to the Ducks makes him want to chase the Ducks along the river.  God help us if he ever catches one!  He thinks Duck are only good for stomping and  eating!


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